Your technology
partner at Drupal
We work on a contract and subcontract basis with system integrators and digital agencies
We work according to the standards of world brands
We understand the "pains" of digital agencies, integrators and outsourcing production
"The previous partner failed all the deadlines and almost frustrated the project. The IB.BY team made a prototype in two weeks."
Alex Larkins
Digital agency
"IB.BY's Drupal solution helped create a scalable project with multisite support for different states of America."
Samuel Wilkins
"... when a big client falls into the hands, the last thing you want to think about is the technical part. A reliable technical partner decides everything."
Sasha Levinston
Outsourcing production
We pass a security audit of the head office of the customer
We sign NDA and SLA to maintain trust as a subcontractor
Skype: koltungena

+7 499 703 13 23
+375 (29) 650 42 77
Korzhenevskogo 28, office 117, Minsk, Belarus
We meet the requirements for the characteristics of the service
We carry out integrations, set codes and tags to increase marketing efficiency
In this we are good:
Specific integrations and improvements
Custom functionality and architecture
Complex decisions in terms
technology and business logic
It's better not to us:
We do not make a strong UX / UI design
We do not think through the channels of digital marketing
We do not do SEO promotion
In this we have no equal:
In a short time to resolve the issues arising on the existing site on Drupal
Expand a new multisite to enter the international market
Tasks that you can safely delegate to us
Node.js / Angular / React / PHP
Technical consulting
We carry out pre-project work
to draw up clear specifications and detailed prototypes
Custom development
Deploying secure, easy to maintain and convenient services on Drupal
Tiered testing
We carry out manual and automated testing to detect bugs
Migration & Update
We provide solutions migration to Drupal 8 from outdated CMS and carry out further updates
to the latest version
Integration & Adaptation
We combine solutions with third-party applications by API, with payment gateways, databases and social networks
Service & Support
We make the necessary corrections to the code and offer the implementation of best practices in the created solutions
Our rate is $ 30 for any tasks
No hidden fees or overpayments for administration.
We collect the best developers on Drupal in Eastern Europe.
We guarantee partnership conditions
Timing flexibility
We conclude an individual contract for your business processes and we can break the deadlines for the performance of work according to your requirements
We answer customer questions within 10 minutes and communicate in a language convenient for the customer
We work according to the most convenient methodology suitable for the end customer:
Waterfall, Agile, Lean
We participate in conferences openly and will gladly introduce the whole team
We provide closing documents in euros
without VAT
Developers have been working in the company for 3 years and understand the needs of projects.
Ready to become your backup contractor
Skype: koltungena

+7 499 703 13 23
+375 (29) 650 42 77
Korzhenevskogo 28, office 117, Minsk, Belarus
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